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Memory Enhancement for stroke, memory loss, Alzheimer's, dementia, coma, senility, mild cognitive impairment, mci, and anti aging using Sentient Care. 

Memory Enhancement may help individuals who suffer from impaired memory, memory loss or dementia due to a stroke.


Individuals may benefit from sentient care for memory enhancement in one of several ways:

  • Spontaneous recovery
  • Communication and relationship 
  • Awareness and meaning

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Example of spontaneous recovery from stroke: Example of awareness and meaning from stroke and metabolic coma:
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Gladys Steele and her daughter Marjorie, 1923.

A 59 year old scientist collapsed at a conference and underwent emergency brain surgery for a massive stroke. Afterward he experienced short  term memory loss, left visual field deficit, and word confusion. After months of occupational and speech rehabilitation therapy with little progress, he was declared unfit to ever fill his former position or drive a car. With continued employer and family commitment, plus Memory Enhancement using sentient care, he was able to return to work in his expert capacity and resume driving within the year. 

Gladys Steele, a 92 year old matriarch suffered a stroke with accompanying high fever, and lapsed into a metabolic coma. After sentient care using Memory Enhancement and Coma Work, she was awake and responding, though still experiencing speech impairment. She fully recovered her speech with four more sessions.  

During that work the family was overjoyed to discover wisdom and eldership, not sickness, emanating from her fragile condition.

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Memory Enhancement follows the ideas of Drs. Arnold & Amy Mindell and their associates, with gratitude to Stan Tomandl.