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Meaning that emanates from body symptoms including  forgetfulness, short term memory loss, Alzheimer's, dementia, stroke, aging and other physical symptoms


Sentient care TM explores the messages and meaning contained in body symptoms including forgetfulness, short term memory loss, Alzheimer's, dementia, stroke, aging and other physical symptoms. These messages are about our lives and are trying to reach awareness. Until the messages are received and acted on, they will continue to be sent, intensify and possibly change forms to try to get through. These messages may intensify the same body symptoms over time, or they may switch into different body symptoms, or they may switch into accidents, mistakes, illnesses, pain, injuries, forgetfulness, memory loss, career difficulties or relationship issues. Working on the messages contained in body symptoms relieves the body of having to carry those messages, often providing rehabilitation, wholeness, meaning and awareness about life.

The body speaks symbolically through its symptoms, in its own unique "language". It does this to get our attention. We can study and learn its languages and communication styles and patterns. During sentient care work we seek portals of entry into the bodyís process and messages. Such portals of entry may be body experiences in the moment; the bodyís symbolic language; the initial moment of injury and secondary figure(s); or dreams including earliest childhood memories or recurring dreams. All portals lead to the same underlying process at work in the moment. The object is to look for a portal that will open, and explore whatís behind it.

There are two types of symptoms: acute and chronic. In our experience this work may sometimes relieve acute symptoms spontaneously, and may sometimes help relieve and prevent recurrence of chronic symptoms, although many chronic symptoms are life long message bearers requiring continuing efforts at translation. Also in our experience, doing this work before and immediately after surgery, or as soon as possible after an accident, may promote faster recovery and prevent relapse or recurrence.

The work unfolds layers of information and can go very deep, very fast. Once a message is received it also needs to be acted on. With chronic symptoms the body responds more slowly, having to unwind unfinished business, family history and cultural issues.

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Sentient care is not a substitute for medical care or other therapies. This work supports and encourages a multidimensional approach that includes most healthcare methods. Surgery, for example, is one part of the healing process, an important step, and requires pre and post operative processing to address the patientís total dis-ease. We encourage a multidimensional approach which embraces medical and surgical interventions and attends to the underlying dis-ease. A multidimensional care team includes a sentient care team, medical specialty teams, and alternative care and support teams specific to the situation.

 We encourage you to challenge information. Donít believe a word we say, unless and until your own body confirms it. You are the expert on your body. It is your body and your message, opportunity, challenge and responsibility. We encourage you to make an appointment and experience our sentient care approach.



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Sentient Care follows the ideas of Drs. Arnold & Amy Mindell and their associates, with gratitude to Stan Tomandl.


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