Sentient Care for Memory Loss

Memory Enhancement for memory loss, Alzhiemer's, dementia, stroke, coma, senility, mild cognitive impairment (mci) and anti aging using Sentient Care. Publications and consultations.

Here is an example of what is POSSIBLE:

A 59 year old scientist collapsed at a conference and underwent emergency surgery for a stroke. He experienced short  term memory loss, left visual field deficit, and word confusion. After months of occupational and speech rehabilitation therapy with little progress, he was declared unfit to ever fill his former position or drive a car. With continued employer and family commitment, plus Memory Enhancement, he was able to return to work in his expert capacity and resume driving within the year.  MORE . . .


memory loss

Working with memory loss  
Using Memory Enhancement TM

Memory Enhancement is a set of advanced communication skills used to identify, access and integrate alternative memory patterns. These skills include:

        sensory grounded signals,  

        feedback, amplification,

        blank access, 


        and symbolic language.



Memory enhancement facilitates communication. It does not supersede medical care. Individuals suffering from memory loss ranging from, mild cognitive impairment (mci), forgetfulness to Alzheimers or coma, may benefit in one of several ways:  

  • Spontaneous Recovery
  • Communication and Relationship
  • Awareness and Meaning


Memory Enhancement follows the ideas of Drs. Arnold & Amy Mindell and their associates, with gratitude to Stan Tomandl.


memory, memory loss, mild cognitive impairment, mci, forgetfulness, Memory
memory, memory loss, mild cognitive impairment, mci, forgetfulness,  Memory
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