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Sentient care for dementia including Alzheimerís, vascular dementia, other dementias, stroke, memory loss, end of life dementia and coma


There exists a complex soulful and spiritual growth process in the background of Alzheimerís and other dementia states of altered consciousness. Knowledge and awareness of this process offers hope and relief to patients, family members and care givers alike. Sentient care explores the messages and meaning contained in these processes. These messages trying to reach awareness are both personal to the identified patient and universal for the family and community. Until the messages are received and acted on, they will continue to be sent, intensify and possibly change forms to try to get through. These messages may intensify the same symptoms over time, or they may switch into different symptoms, or they may switch into accidents, mistakes, illnesses, pain, injuries, relationship or community issues. Working on the messages contained in symptoms relieves the patient of having to carry those messages alone, often providing connection, relationship, intimacy, relief, spiritual healing, meaning and awareness about life.

 Inside the Alzheimerís/dementia State                             NEW BOOK . . .

The complex soulful and spiritual growth process in the background of Alzheimerís/ dementia can be characterized into six categories or types of processes:

            1) Working on unfinished business,

2) Meeting new aspects and partially lived aspects of the personality,

3) Harvesting a lifetime of experience,

4) Creating sacred space for marginalized experiences,

5) Exploring the beauty and meaning of life, 

6) Making spiritual connections,

These categories are not linear stages of Alzheimerís/dementia, but non-linear descriptions of processes that may occur separately or simultaneously. Sentient care can help facilitate inner awareness of these processes in people experiencing early to advanced stage Alzheimerís/dementia for their benefit and the benefit of the family and society. 

 Multi-dimensional Approach

Sentient care is not a substitute for medical care or other therapies. This work supports and encourages a multidimensional approach that includes most healthcare methods. We encourage a multidimensional approach which embraces medical and therapeutic interventions and attends to the underlying dis-ease. A multidimensional care team includes a sentient care team, medical specialty teams, and alternative care and support teams specific to the situation.

 Healthy Skepticism Encouraged

 We encourage you to challenge information. Donít believe a word we say, unless and until your own experience confirms it. You are the expert on your life and family. It is your life and your message, opportunity, challenge and responsibility. We encourage you to make an appointment and experience our sentient care approach.



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Sentient Care follows the ideas of Drs. Arnold & Amy Mindell and their associates, with gratitude to Stan Tomandl.


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