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Here is what will tell you about Alzheimer's disease...
"Alzheimer's disease steals the ability to reason, remember, and imagine."  --
  In our experience, this is NOT necessarily true . . .

For Example, Early Stage Alzheimer's

An Alzheimers "Self" Portrait

This picture of "Alzheimers" was drawn by a 76 year old woman in early stage Alzheimer's, who is still capable of independent living. 

Her "self" portrait depicts her personal experience of Alzheimer's as "outside float" and "floating around" like "Casper, the friendly ghost."

Six months after memory enhancement work with her and her family, her daughter reports, "Mom is still floating, but now she has more awareness which helps her hold it together. In fact, she has become a really charming woman. My brother says her checkbook is in better shape than his, and she knows where everything is. He recently asked me, 'How did we miss this charming woman all these years?'

The memory enhancement using sentient care really made a difference."




For Example, Advanced Stage Alzheimer's


Stanley Tomandl
Advanced Alzheimer's Patient

Sentient care facilitates Stanley's emergence from a near comatose state to communicate and relate and party with his family 24 hours prior to his death.

Sept. 30, 1994.


An Alzheimer's Surprise Party: New sentient communication skills for understanding and relating to people with dementia
Tom Richards and Stan Tomandl

The story of one family's success in staying in communication and relationship with their father with Alzheimer's using sentient communication skills.

Stanley Tomandl, a 78 year old husband, father and friend, in near coma with advanced Alzheimer's, was uncommunicative by all conventional standards. Sentient Care with him, his wife, and his family facilitated their communication thus braking his isolation. It also gave them the happiness and relief of a meaningful dialog at the end of his life.

More about dementia . . .

Memory Enhancement Using Sentient Care

Memory Enhancement is a set of advanced sentient communication skills used to identify, access and integrate alternative memory patterns. These skills include:
  • sensory grounded signals,  

  • feedback, amplification,

  • blank access, 

  • following,

  •  and symbolic language.  

Memory Enhancement thru Sentient Care may help individuals who suffer from impaired memory or memory loss due to Alzheimer's or dementia.

Memory Enhancement thru Sentient Care:

  • Facilitates communication.

  • Accesses alternative memory patterns.

  • Takes patience, awareness, courage and compassion.

  • Outcomes are varied and creative.

  • Does not supersede medical care.

Communication and Relationship


Memory Enhancement using sentient care follows the ideas of Drs. Arnold & Amy Mindell and their associates, with gratitude to Stan Tomandl.


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